Meet Sam


This is Sam. Sam is a simmer. Sam is also a writer, and those things go pretty well together, so here we are. Sam was roughly 12 years old when she tried to write her first Sims story. She is now 24 and does not seem to have gotten much better, but she’s still doing it because she knows no other life. Sam struggles to take most things seriously, including her stories, having photos taken, and writing bios.


Other things she takes far too seriously. Coffee is her religion; she compulsively names inanimate objects; she will die defending the integrity of the English language; and she got very angry upon learning that the new Pokemon handbooks are organized alphabetically, not by Pokedex number. She also plays Muggle quidditch, since a pen name like Gryffindork can only be born of a deep love for Harry Potter (but not him personally – he’s the worst). Formerly a figure skater, Sam started throwing bludgers at people six years ago and has not looked back. Sometimes her team wins medals and stuff. She hopes Fred and George are proud. (Note: Gamgee is *probably* not her real last name.)

15171219_10210925108781254_999011478738234321_nBasically, Sam is a giant nerd who has long since stopped trying to be anything but. When she isn’t blogging about games or running around on a PVC broomstick, you’ll find her playing the piano, watching Korean dramas, eating cereal from the box, fending off attacks from her overgrown kitten, or embarking on an overly ambitious craft project that might end up on her Etsy store. You won’t really see her doing those things though, because this is a blog and blogs don’t have eyes.

Nationality: Canadian-Australian
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor/Thunderbird
Bending Element: Water
Westerosi Allegiance: The North Remembers
Myers-Briggs Type: INFP







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